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My 3 biggest regrets from my birth...

Updated: Jun 21

Although my birth didn't quite "go to plan", I still had a really empowering birth experience, and I put that totally down to the hypnobirthing techniques I had learnt during pregnancy that helped me remain calm and in control.

But that doesn't mean I don't have regrets....

  1. Going into hospital when I did... I was 42 weeks pregnant and booked in for an induction after refusing one several times in the previous weeks. But I was in labour. I called the antenatal ward & explained that I was in labour and asked if I still needed to come in, of course they said yes. This meant that I was then on an antenatal ward for a lot of my early labour, in an environment that wasn't inducive to getting the oxytocin flowing, when I could have been at home, labouring in my safe space surrounded by things that I knew would help increase that oxytocin & get my birthing hormones working.

  2. Getting into the birth pool too soon... I was so set on using the birth pool that I jumped straight in the second it was filled, despite labouring really well without the use of the water. The water felt way too hot as soon as I dipped a toe but I still got in, uncomfortable and feeling a little awkward not quite knowing what to do with myself, when outside of the water I had been moving instinctively. Things then started to really slow down and eventually lead to interventions that I really didn't want. Now, I'm not blaming the water for this, but I wish I had trusted my instincts a little more and not gotten so set on what I perceived to be the ideal birth.

  3. Not having a home birth... I really wanted to give birth at home, it's something I thought about A LOT but in a "oh I wish I could have a home birth" way and not an "let's plan a home birth" way. I loved the idea of being in my safe space & getting into my own bed with my fresh new baby after giving birth. But in all honesty, I felt a bit too nervous & worried that the hospital was a bit too far away should we need to transfer. If I could go back in time, I would do much more research, perhaps hire an independent midwife or doula and leaned into my instincts, trusting in myself a bit more.

I guess my message you to with all of this, is lean into your instincts, trust them and have confidence in yourself - your body was literally designed perfectly to birth your baby, trust it ❤

Em x

polaroid picture of a woman laying in a hospital bed with her newborn baby breastfeeding

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