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The Comb - A surprising pain-relief option for labour

Updated: Jun 21

Did you know a simple comb can be a hugely effective pain relief tool for labour??

Not only that, it can also help relieve anxiety too! You see, our minds can only focus on a few sensations at the same time. Squeezing a comb into the palm of your hand can help hit the Lao Gong acupressure point, stimulating this is believed to ease anxiety, increase pain relieving endorphins (which in themselves are said to be 500x more powerful than any opioid pain relief you may be offered in birth), increase feelings of control AND dull the sensations of pain.

A comb is the perfect, portable pain-relief option for labour! This is why I include a specifically designed birthing comb in all of my client goody bags - it's the perfect, portable pain-relief too!

Em x

A hand with red painted nails squeezing a wooden comb into the palm


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